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  What are angels? How can angels help me? Can I call upon the angels to help other people?  


How can angels help me?

You can ask them to help you with anything and everything. There is nothing too big or too small. The angels just want you to ask them for help. Remember they canít help you, unless you ask them.

For example, when you go shopping you could ask the angels to provide you with the perfect parking space. You could say mentally or out-loud "Angels, please provide me with the perfect parking space. Thank you." Or if youíd rather you could write a letter to the angels.

You donít need to be in a sacred place to make your request. You could be in the shower, in the car, or even on the toilet!

The angels always answer all requests for help.

If youíre thinking, "Oh, I canít ask, I donít deserve help", this is not true, we are all equally deserving of the angels help. Just think by helping you the angels are opening up your life to more love, more joy and more peace. And through having more love, more joy and peace in your life, the angels in actual fact are helping the world.


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