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New Angel Aura Website Coming Soon!

A gift for you from the angels - Open and Heal Your Heart Meditation.

Welcome to the Angel Aura website.

Angel stories new to our website will be initially displayed on our home page. These stories comprise the real life angelic experiences encountered by everyday ordinary people. People like you and me. Where requested names have been changed to provide anonymity. If you have an angel story that you wish to share, please email it to us on Thank you.

All angel stories previously displayed on this page, will be stored under the Angel Stories (Archive) tab.

Angel Aura consists of two sisters, Norma Clarke and Fiona Grant, who are both ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONERS® certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD. To find out more about the sisters please take a look at the About Us tab.

Have you ever wondered about angels? What they are? How they can help you, your friends, family and loved ones? If you have please take a look at the About Angels tab.

Angel Aura provides services, which include:

--Angel Workshops. For content, location, and cost details please look at the Angel Workshop tab.

--Although every single human being is fully able to connect with the angels and receive their loving guidance, at times it is useful to have another person channel their angelic messages for you. If you are interested in receiving an angel reading, please look at the Angel Readings tab.

--Norma is a certified British Wheel of Yoga teacher. She has been teaching yoga classes for all ages and abilities for over 20 years, and yoga for pregnancy since 2002.

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Angels Are Watching Over Me
by Toni Stone

Last year (2011) when I was at the hairdressers I was feeling a bit low and tired due to lack of sleep. When I looked up into the mirror after texting Fiona, I saw something just below my eye where a tear would fall, and the hairdresser said "where did that come from?" It was the tiniest white feather just sitting on the top of my cheek like a tear drop. I have of course kept it safe. It definitely goes to show how they are watching over me.


November 2013

Norma and Fiona have an Angel Story in the December 2013 issue of Chat It's Fate Magazine, which is available from the beginning of November. Printed version available in the UK and for information about digital versions please see


May/June 2013

Read the first two chapters of Fiona's new cosy mystery series, and vote if you'd like to read the next two chapters. See New Book for information.


October/November/December 2012

Angel Aura will be closed for a holiday in celebration of Norma’s special birthday with a zero in her age from 29th October to 5th December 2012.


August 2012

We have been guided to introduce to you the new Angel Aura Discussion Group on Facebook ( Every two months we will introduce a new discussion topic and share our thoughts on that topic with you. August/September 2012 the topic is, Life Purpose. Please join in the discussion by liking the Angel Aura Discussion Group on Facebook and adding your comments.


April 2011

Fiona has written the Angel Answers page for the May 2011 edition of the Soul and Spirit Magazine, which is available until 19th May in the UK from newsagents including Sainsbury's, Asda, Tesco and WHSmith.

Fiona is now on Twitter! Follow Fiona on Follow FionaGrantAngel on Twitter


March 2011

Fiona is a contributing author to Divine Inspirations: Stories of Awakening & Empowerment eBook, which can be purchased from the charity Our Weeping Angel Foundation ( For more info on this eBook check out



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